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Protecting the Natural World Now for Future Generations

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EcoPro – EcoLogicProject


EcoPro, a project by EcoLogicProject, aims to create a California-based demonstration ecosystem preservation sanctuary that highlights ecosystem preservation, regenerative sustainability, and protection of natural resources through science, stewardship, fair-trade, equality, efficacy, safety, and value. The project encourages everyone to adopt a mindful approach towards gentle integration with nature.


EcoPro and EcoLogicProject seek participants, donors, grants, gifts, interns, professionals, volunteers and other supporters to establish and grow a sustainable cannabis agro-ecology demonstration preservation sanctuary in California. The sanctuary will showcase best practices for minimizing environmental impacts and promoting sustainable cultivation practices that preserve biodiversity. It will serve as a valuable educational resource and provide economic benefits by supporting the growth of the cannabis industry in a responsible manner. Ultimately, the project aims to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship in the cannabis industry and create a healthier world for individuals and ecosystems.

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