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We hope to integrate a near future expansion to include 
MariJu Labs & Biotech Campus, CGC Alliance, and EcoLogicProject
for optimal operations, cannabis products, cultivation, retail and education facilities

MariJu Labs
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Medicinal Cannabis Alliance Quality & Analysis Laboratory  

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MariJu Labs Biotech Campus will integrate operations with MariJu For All for cannabis products, cultivation, retail and education facilities.

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Join the California Global Cannabis Alliance (CGCA) initiative certification program and be part of the solution to promote the legacy of California's cannabis culture on a global scale while ensuring best practices for sustainability, fair trade, economic opportunities, and social responsibility. By participating, you help establish a 'cannabis initiative ecosystem' framework, set an example for other regions and countries, and contribute to a safer and more prosperous society with lower crime rates. All stakeholders, including cultivators, policy influencers, government agencies, industry players, environmental organizations, and social enterprises, are invited to participate

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