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About Us

"There was a problem, and we care, so we're here to do something about it."

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In 2022 I discovered the amazing benefits of medicinal CBD while exploring California.


As a research scientist, I learned how to make natural CBD oil and saw excellent results for ourselves.


So, I founded MariJu For All in Florianopolis Isl. S. Brazil to provide affordable, low-cost or free cannabis products for those in need.


"Our mission is simple: to make CBD accessible to everyone, regardless of income or background."


A year later, our products have received all positive testimonials from customers all over Brazil, who have found relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments.


"We are proud to have made a difference and continue to work hard to fulfill our mission."

At MariJu For All, we believe that everyone should have access to the healing power of CBD. Our goal is to provide affordable, natural products that improve the lives of those in need. "We're here to make a difference and help you live your best life."

MariJu Labs
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